Your Wellbeing is everything to us

Life has many important things to do, and we believe nothing should be disturbed by a long and tiring hospital visits. Is it not a great news if the quality healthcare comes to the place that best suits you, be that a home or a work place. We will take all the burden of traveling and will reach you in the given time.
At Adopire, we provide a wide range and a high quality healthcare services outside the traditional hospital ambience and inside the comfortable and privacy atmosphere of your home. Our well trained health care professionals will address your health concerns in detail and with motherly care. It might be for the people who are getting older, or severely ill, recovering from surgery, or for the people who need bedside assistance. We take up the responsibility of curing your loved ones.


Our services include:

Doctor to Home

Nursing care


Bedside Assistance


To deliver professional care to every patient we serve at home and bring happiness to all the family members.



To bring a human touch while remaining professional To constantly re-educate ourselves in the modern practices of home health care to help our patients.
To act as a companion and an expert in dealing with patients to understand their unique needs and to fulfill them.

Core values:

Patient Centeredness

Compassionate Care

Dignity & Respect

Integrity& Excellence

Teamwork & Collaboration

Constantly upgrading home health care techniques and equipment