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Bedside Assistance in Hyderabad

Professional trained attendants at your premises


• Patient Hygiene (bed pan, diaper changing and bed making)

• Sponging/ bathing

• Mouth Care/ Back Care

• Position Changing

• Timely Feeding (oral / rhyles tube)

• Prevention of Bedsores

• Basic exercise for a bed ridden patient

• Oral Medications

• Vitals Checking

• Checking the sugar Levels / Administering Insulin

• Monitoring of catheter

• Oxygen levels monitoring

• Nebulization

• Rhyles tube feeding and medication

• Sick room maintenance

• Administer oxygen and stoma care

• Assist in ambulation (moving the patient around)


• Motherly care

• Caring at Home

• No more Hospital stays

• Follows and maintains complete record of the patients care


• All our attendants are professionally trained and certified

• Supervised by highly qualified nursing supervisors

• Can converse with you in a language you are comfortable with

• Our attendants are given special training on maintaining good personal hygiene.